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The outer book framing
The outer book framing


Callus of the Maw

Thunderous chasm, larynx agape

Orifice erupts in asperous melody

Sonic crest trenching forth

Throbbing panes in shattered walls

Ousting din, vibrant gurch

Canyons of static deformed

Insurmountable diffraction thrumming deep

A curled tongue fractal and convulsing

Despondent hearts proclaim to lopped ears

Forlorn in vacant space

A torrid wind reverberating ire

Two hundred light years, ceaseless illness

Strident hum impregnates the fetid chamber of every lobe

Yellowed faces, boiling livers

Broken free of earthly tether

Despondent hearts proclaim to lopped ears

Forlorn in vacant space

Noxious fume bathes a writhing frame

Two hundred light years, ceaseless illness

Abound of frigid plane

A life diluted to vestige

Gracian Axiom

Quietus abounding astir, afoot
Souring wills, probity thins
Maligned conscience, fever sweats
Chrysalis mangled forward birth
Unerring portrayal, inexplicable ugliness
Numen, ubiquitous pique
Cosm, fleeting alee
Fervent dream ravaged into the bellies of ants

Desideratum of declension abound
A debility of our sprout
Invulnerable wilt of time
Penitent terrene ponders, to arrive at but a whim
Amnemonic plentitude, bellowing onward
Suasious, acule
ate, thy omittеnce of omen
Mollient curtain of ignorancе
Pour forth mirth
Relish death

Lambent Urn

Croaking inward, out expire
All hope fails and all pain lingers

Trembling shell, coveted ark
Bolus of verboten wisdom
Urn of ciphers, thrust upon
Upheaved from irenic petals
Caustic dictum, vitalized
At the hands of whilom ar
Hearts ignites such foolish ward
Once loved and spry


Croaking inward, out expire
Sentient fronds exude their fibers
Charred firs in starless fire
Forest berth of smothered liars
Shimmering husk, oncе procured
Foolish wardens, once bеloved
Hornet horde enfolding, moldering as one
Golden platelets pulled and pried
Furtive blanket stripped aside

Verum vititi unveiled
All hope will fail

Impetus in Mire

Eyes washed, balance listing
Ivory light penetrates a long decrepit iris
Luminous flux, paralyzing
Motherless and frail, pale and disregarded
Their figures breadth narrow, nescient to surroundings


Inmost gouging, utmost spanning
Pathosis pervade, truculence terminus


A raven stabbed in its glabellum
A wielded dagger of umpteen palms
Pine for bedlam, fawn for tumult
Wend your gaze from light


Sparrow butchers the worm
Plague consumes the foul
Man eats the dog
Embers raining above


Muring yawp
Licentious thrills
Acerbic philter imbibed at velleity of the suitor
Worldly tendrils unfetter their stricture
Rare heart felled
Swain villipended

The Earth's iron lung

The Earth's iron lung

Earth's Iron Lung

Turbid fabrics under dirt unfurling to a pith of black
Perforating mantle, upward waft ensuing ash
Portentous penumbra
Dereliction to conform
The kindling of all that was, immersed in brine
In the aperture of tears, mounts a lurid knowing
Of a lilt, so everpresent
Of a heaven, so unbeknownst
A sky of nebulae, slivered and molten
A gleaming ebb of all effervescent joy
A mare's tail, billowing soot
Mankind cries its final yawn
Misery upon a bastard earth
To be pious is to perish
To untether is to persist

Widening fissure swallows the preponderance
Radiant burst bestows acrid enlightenment
Soul wind
Interstice wanes

Door to Moil

A hand outstretched to most unsung reaches

is not to nurture itself with the warmth of a familiar grasp,

but is to fall distant of that which is elusive and unwavering.

Inherent of Life

Heave outward, cinders of splendorous upheaval
The vestigial form, obliquity abrogated
Most unbecoming stupor doused
Iniquitous cane, lain athwart
And such shall bequeath languorous spirit divest of thy antiquated crutch
Cranial star systems flicker and die
A synapse fires in disarray
Larval mode of being beckoned forth
An ought to suffer, unquenched
Unending vigor siphoned per an organ, the nocuous ardor
Contempt is a shepherd in its succoring embrace

Spirit rebind

Scorn dictates thought

Scattered Prism

Fathomless aft embryonic
Minusculus prism ere entropic eye

Perplexing apeirogon
Overwhelming simulacrum
Mar weave alter consuming

Plumb spawning uveitis
Vile brane, unknowable shape
Unrelenting clepsydra
A thousand epochs permeated

Eye floods
'I' fold

Fathomless aft embryonic
Minusculus ere entropic
Ubiquitary withal emcompassed

Loom of Wills

Olde geloma ever entwining
Sui generis usor
Seven billion strings
Torturous lilt emanates the sinews
Discordant note adumbrates per us thralls

Luthier of innumerable arms

Analogous - magnapinnadae
Composer of sorrows
Wreather of marring weaves
Abets the vassals anent animus
Scythe to the sinews


Eon err

Hole of tomes

Fjord Peaks

Languid fawn, tranquil and bereft
Birthed of a womb inanimate
Shrouded eyes, pulpous skull

Cernuous in the weald

Arcuate horn cankers the hide of a cervid
A mere seed, a spore, cancerous and billowing
Proton burst, its seams sagacious, transcending
Aerial wound, burgeoning eternal
Gash in the lid
Throat of a realm
Branch of silence craning down

Vault emptied
Ewer echoing
Outpouring cognizance
Gash in the lid
Dearth of an end

Blaring cacophony crumbles the ailing bairn
A timbre is petrified and forgеd into a marking
An impetus is yielded to mirе and loam
In tyme


Knoll Funeral Namesake
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