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The outer book framing
The outer book framing
The outer book framing
The outer book framing
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nekopS sA rrErr As Spoken


Respite, Revile, Relight


Knoll Funeral Namesake

As Spoken

Allusion therein:

Curtains of mystics

Eluding marking

Ensnared in language

O' unfated sigh yearning outwithe

Orn belighted form imparting decree

Voices birthed in avowal

Their foul locution sown in awe

Bemuddled spew speech wrung unrelinquished

Figures form in the veil

Birthed in avowal

Morpheme bleeding               

Unto err within breath

Avital profusion uniplicate

Heirloom bestown

Whisperings incandesce in a void

...Their answers unfold

what is said is known




Sillhouettes arched awaiting judgement

Seldom gestures steep in gloom

Unto the Viewing, a scintillant geist of vision

Low herald summoning empirical astray

Dread thrown at the arch

Exequy of infinite manor

Many before thine,

How they follow

Many before thine,

how they falter

Sieve the lesser

Enter the tear

Scorn cast below

As once thine oath

Wept Fountain


Vexing pitch seeps athwart mortar

Chambers obscured from the stulm

Wash ablating kilter

Flooding of unjoy

Stewing mettle in thy hearth

Rapt with blight

Woe unto firths illightened,

Fraught in marrow!

Of a lush weeping fount

Passages convoke crenitic sanctum

Unewered essence knotting each thirst


Revile of Light


Elating negative inwith allwhere

Vanishing wards aweigh with light

Obvolute medium in the mind

Unfraught with mercies thus imbibed

Vaulted impulse availed

Alacritous power bequeathen

Heap of electrons extend the self

Awry within doing, embalming will

Utterest keeping...

Harking abodement:

Awry, order emblazoned

Of the other

Utterest keeping

Credenced by deed



A guarding eye stares the spire

Foregone mist upon the steps

Acquainted and enciphered,

Oldened with murmuring shards

Within haunted ornature, a vex of evocation

Images bidding in liminals writhe myth of themselves

Profound augmentation inne wandering

Mere Wards inspiral beyond sighting

Stairwells respire as your own

Stain blindness on the eye

Within corridors, in mirrors

Old presence foreseen


Guardian Bind


Our many thrawn hands bind the unknot

In brume aghast with augury,

An unhended bringing its fabric outvie

Indwelt in speaking, begat in mirthless grail

A ringing spectral, a way for malign

Sprawling hylarchic wrength

Atraments spill from sills

Their signs - equivocal

Befound asylum awaits where minds ruin

Vile ligature conjured

Bring sickness upon us


Unto Viewing


Relique lain behind the drape

A wrothe mask smearing memory

Gnawing at fragments of joy

Scried through seekings denied

Vanishment beckons from partings of mantle

Entrance spells a kindred chamber

Swarming cloaks of orphrey guide elsewhere


Viewing alight, of hidden interior

Apparitions bow

Be as their brood


Ask cometh the hour

Whom heeds such rite?

Thyrse, your altar

Grieving, your jewel

Become their matriarch



Viewing under behest

A fume yawns in the being

Amidst an eveish theatre

Statures intumesce their mold

Unbidden and dithering

Longing to be fathomed

Abloom with spores

A horrible abstraction

Let forth in prepense

Immuring all reverie

From which is illogical,

From whence it came,

A spiral raining down

Of innumerable, unlimnable thread

Pendulous ideosphere bound

Morphing figment in the cadre,

Siphoning the witness

To regard, to relent, as to minish here saith

For time will begrave moil

And will shall bleed upon itself

When wrath forsakes us,

There is but woe




Amidmost vetust moor

Dirigent sprigs prelect song

Falderal to some unbeknownst

The tune of... most

What heralds the keeper have spoken wroth

Drooping oaken lecture, the lowest mutter

As arbiters to be fabled they are

The sprig spoketh the quoth

Vatic spew of angular mast

Prescient orator underpinning

Belonged to the firth

Unhoused in the attic

Borne to the auricle

Of those seeking


Fettered Oath

Matter hast bored an oath through the vitrage of a door

Through faults of entry, preying for manner to espy

At the outer

A particle suffered with message

Sorrowing at leavings of splinter

Beseeched, knocking the door

Wood warping cacophony stabbing the lock

Key writhing under lower convention

On a ring of many keys

Black stares through the peephole

Bother their meeting

Give under question


Shall it Be


Architects prospect

Sculpture as scripture

Whirring aura alieve

As spoken, shall it be

Heretics revile

Armature of meaning

Ill notion believed

As spoken, shall it be

Towers of filigree pierce the wretched air

Adorned in reverence with heirling blood

... An Opus

Steeples wilting as they foregather

Wrought from arrant communion

Structures enlace

But wills proceed the grail

Endless toil

Inhuman goal

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