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My shirt, record, or other shop item was lost in the mail. Could I be refunded?
Unfortunately, KnolL, like most independent bands, is not in a position to offer refunds or redeliveries of an identical item at the fault of the mail system. We offer the counsel, especially for orders outside of the United States, that the most common sticking point is within checkpoints and the order will likely eventually make its way to you over an exaggerated timeframe. You should receive a tracking number upon the shipment of each order, however, if you do not have it, please contact us via knollvhs at and we are happy to provide it for you.

My order hasn't been shipped. Why?
We do work to get all orders out the door as quickly as possible, however please note that with regards to orders placed via our self-run store here, shipping typically halts when we are on tour. Our full touring schedule can be found here. We have, however, been known to occasionally ship out of the van. In the event of a preorder, the shipping date can be procured from within the item's shop description.
My order was marked returned to sender. What should I do?
In the event of an incorrect address input, we gently request that reshipping charges be provided by the customer. Sometimes, this is not the fault at hand. Email us and we will sort it out for you.

Can you sign, kiss, or ominously inscribe my record?
Sure! Just include a note with the order or email us and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

I have a showing or tour package for which I am interested in KnolL .
Will you perform
We appreciate any and all offers in the realm of appearances. If you need help booking in the Tennessee area or feel it is best to contact us for booking directly, feel free to do so via knollvhs at Otherwise, our booking representatives are as follows:

Is flash photography permitted? Do you offer guest lists for photographers?
It is encouraged, should you find it necessary for your style! KnolL strongly prefers to be shot on ghostly film if you have the ability to do so. While we seriously appreciate voluntarily documentation efforts, it is rare that we will have use for more conventional & clear shots. We currently cannot offer guest lists for those that we have not outwardly worked with before, though we wish to pay artists as frequently as possible and will reach out to you when the opportunity arises.

What label is KnolL on? Can I put out your record?
KnolL has remained self-managed & internally operated for all time. While we are generally wary of working with outside parties, we are flattered by the intrigue and will always consider prospects submitted via the Inquiry section.

How can one contact you for press inquiries & interviews?
All media outlet inquiries should be directed via the Inquiry section. Our speaker will respond to you promptly.

Do you do weddings?
Yes! If you would like your special occasion to be soured, we can be arranged to fly. Contact us directly.




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