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The outer book framing



Gored Veil

An angle unseen begets erratum
Prison of neurons torn asunder
Your spirit thrust into the levity of a thousand spheres
Your worthless mind refracting eons of sentience
Your will lay barren under the scrutiny of notion

Murmur of untruth

Yearning of lore interred

The heart swells gravid in marrows of greed
Probing at vessels of unending psyche
Languishing with every limp forward
Legions of dreams ablaze in desire
A mind is split and married starward
Whelmed with myriads of fractal thought

Bodies of cells spiral inward to grasp that which you once beheld

Lapse of Apothegm

An apparatus born enmeshed from whence is false

To quell the mooring of anile being

Binding leap

Passage to elsewhere

Wandering unknown

Abandonment of all you know

To leave your seed in the intangible

Knoll Funeral Namesake
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