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The outer book framing
Highly decorative A letting to begin the word Akin


KIN to the unveiling of relics carved from an oaken slab, lesser so to that which an

artisan may conjure from nothing, KnolL seeks the most subtractive of 

 efforts in its offerings. The method is unpinnable, yet is as such: something must

  be wrought from something else. Its materials predate their misuse; its result         contradicts their lessening. A distillation of ingredients leaving but the brittle     corpses of what was once unwarped by a wicked sieve - a wholly negative        artifact as its response. And yet, they are familiar, as if these bringings have

   not been made, but rather freed. It is, then, the utmost purpose as sculptors, to be


Knoll Funeral Namesake

                            the conduits of an inhuman goal. That of an infinite testament, unmarred by the collection

           of dust, & outwardly dedicated to this prospect of impermeable meaning. It is not to say that the arbiter of such works is to be maligned, & especially not to put forth fronts in order to appear so, but that its output must be willed to suffer within these confines, lest it is worthless.

     There exists here an affinity for the old & macabre, as well as for profuse literature & its ornaments, however not rooted in lust for their obvious and sometimes shallow aesthetic uses.  Instead, as constituent references to a heightened period of artistic value, & emphasis on a deathly, morose world of creations that one may choose to see exclusively. 

Our namesake, an archaic term, arises from the funeral custom of a mourning bell rung in the leavings of death. It is within this moniker that we put ourselves in leanings of things ended, endings, & that which must, shall, & will end. Bygone matters of antiquity & those to be antiquated are preserved within the formless ghost of music unto time immemorial. We bring this ideal to you in its first manifestation,  As Spoken - a lecture of dilapidated language & its propensity to become riddled with sickness when kept.  Should you find yourself intrigued, preliminary & full readings of all recorded material can be found here. Relevant collectibles, garb, & recordings may be purchased at the shop. 

     An alternate interpretation and philosophical drain lies within an older usage of KnolL buried in some tomes.

It refers to an unending dissection of thoughtform & interior questioning of the conclusions that may or may not arrive. This notion etches the confines of our earlier works Interstice & Metempiric, however its nature is thus that the ailments it elicits will never tarnish, contrarily weaving an underlying fabric upon which more are to be laid. To say that these albums were more abstract carries truth to a degree, though we feel their amorphous qualities gave us great liberty to be made shapely by eventual and decidedly dark findings. Such infatuations are at the root of why one would cast themselves into conditions with elation that otherwise quickly minish the unambitious. We humbly aim to be no exception.

     The records are and will continue to be given recreation on as extensive of a touring schedule as is possible. The performance, with regards to its authors alone, must be heralded with a heft of formality. This act is to put forth the structures into a living realm of achromatic grain, to let them breathe and morph beyond their birth and immediately subsequent passing. Those who choose to attend are graciously welcomed to interpret and experience as desired. To some, the experience elicits glee or fervor of some kind, while for us, an amalgam of delight & horror. To others, terror, or nothing at all. There is no expectation of great or confounding acknowledgement, nor is it frowned upon to act upon your own gathered atmospheres. We hope that within the shared interest of intensely joyless expression, one can see us as individuals in the time outside of the act. No amount of indulgence in what can indeed be looked upon as an inward ritual will draw a curtain between us and the listener. We are incredibly fortunate to receive support from the small sect of music that we occupy & refuse to squander it. We have returned from an incredible tour with Nightmarer in Europe & the United Kingdom for the first time over the month of November. Our seventh North American tour has been announced for February of the year MMXXIV. Additional touring details can be found here.

Many thanks for your regard,

A high contrast film photograph of Knoll by Andy Wilcox. The features are obscured to render the subjects as gaunt, nearly formless figures within a dank corridor of infinite doors


Thee Ephemeral Manor
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